Black/Sunburnt Black


SPADE-OOAK DAPPLE BLACK ARABIAN MODEL HORSE MW 2018.  OOAK Arabian Stallion, Customized, Midwest Horse Fair, Dapples, Black, Custom Mane, Carved Bridle Path, Carved Ears, Nose & Jaw, Custom Forelock, Twitched Ear, Irregular Stripe, Pink Snip, Carved Nose Wrinkles, 4 White Socks, Custom Tail, Painted & Signed by Dawn Quick.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

My Little Pony

MY LITTLE PONY - OOAK BLACK ARABIAN FOAL BY AUDREY DIXON 3-27-19.  OOAK Arabian Foal, Black, Painted by Audrey Dixon, 3-27-19.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Flower Duet

FLOWER DUET-OOAK SUNBURNT BLACK PALOUSE MODEL HORSE BY SHERYL LEISURE 3-1-18.  OOAK Palouse, Sunburnt Black, Dapples, Customized, Custom mane and forelock, Custom tail, Etched socks and blaze, Brown eyes, Painted & Signed by Sheryl Leisure.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.


COAL - OOAK BLACK PONY CHIP SHCF 2018.  OOAK PONY CHIP, BLACK, SHCF Release.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.