Black/Sunburnt Black

Flower Duet

FLOWER DUET-OOAK SUNBURNT BLACK PALOUSE MODEL HORSE BY SHERYL LEISURE 3-1-18.  OOAK Palouse, Sunburnt Black, Dapples, Customized, Custom mane and forelock, Custom tail, Etched socks and blaze, Brown eyes, Painted & Signed by Sheryl Leisure.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.


COAL - OOAK BLACK PONY CHIP SHCF 2018.  OOAK PONY CHIP, BLACK, SHCF Release.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

Bump and Run - Cutting Calf

BUMP AND RUN-LE-5 LIGHT BAY PAINT CUTTER AND BLACK AND WHITE CALF MODEL HORSE SUPER BOWL SALE 2018.  OOAK Cutter and Calf, Light bay and black and white calf, Painted and Signed by Dawn Quick.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.

Not sure if this is a limited edition of 5 or a OOAK.  

Black Ninja

BLACK NINJA-LE.4 BLACK MORGAN MODEL HORSE BY TANSLEY HENLINE 01/19/2018.  LE.4 Morgan, Black, Non Custom, Blaze, Brown Eyes, Soft Pinking on the nose, 1 White Socks.  Hand Painted & Crafted in Shipshewana, IN.


XAVIE~OOAK DAPPLE BLACK ARABIAN MODEL HORSE 2/28.  OOAK Arabian, Dapple Black, Custom Forelock, Custom Frosted Mane Mane, Bridle Path, Custom Forelock, Carved Ears, Nose and Jaw, Custom Model Tail.  Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN.