Title Sort descending Color Mold Year
A Merry Holiday Decorator - Christmas Standing Drafter 2014
A Mother's Love Decorator - Misc Unicorn, Set/Multiple Molds 2016
A New Beginning Grey - Dapple Grey Tennessee Walking Horse 2014
A Perfect Storm Paint/Pinto - Greys Trotting Drafter 2014
A Saddle and Quarter Horse Bays and Browns Foundation Quarter Horse 2009
A Spoonful of Sugar Appaloosa - Roans Ideal Stock Horse
A Thief In The Night Bays and Browns Morgan - Santa Fe Mold 2016
A Walk In The Sky Grey - Dapple Grey Palouse 2015
A Whisper at Midnight Decorator - Halloween Morgan - Santa Fe Mold 2013
A Wrinkle in Time Grey - White to Dark (No Dapples) Unicorn, Morgan - Original Mold 2015
A'Hearn Roans Ideal Stock Horse 2012
A. Jackson Paint/Pinto - Bays/Browns Arabian - Original Mold 2015
AAQHC 2003 Judge's Model Rabicano Ideal Stock Horse 2003
AAQHC 2006 Judge's Model - Glossy Impressive Spice Chestnuts/Sorrels Ideal Stock Horse 2006
AAQHC 2008 Trophy Models Paint/Pinto - Greys Pebbles - Arabian 2008
AAQHC Congress Queen Set Bays and Browns Ideal Stock Horse 2009
Aardvark Grey - Dapple Grey Arabian - Original Mold 2011
Aaron Roans Arabian - Original Mold 2011
Aaron Grey - Fleabit Grey Arabian - Original Mold 2008
Aaron Chestnuts/Sorrels Ideal Stock Horse 2012