If you see anything on this website that you think should be updated, please do contact me.  My goal is to create a website that many of you can use, and I would like for it to be as accurate as possible - something impossible for me to do alone! 

So please send me your comments, pictures, or any special information on Stone horses that you can think of.   You can email that information to or if you want, call me at 720-488-0174.

Thank you!



About Me:  I have been collecting model horses since I was five years old.  I had nearly 1000 Breyer models, before being introduced to the Stone models.  Even though Breyer horses will always have that certain appeal to me, I have been enjoying the new Stone models with their great paint jobs and overall quality.  (Ah, just one more thing to collect!) I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 Stone models...and growing!  As far as my personal life goes, I am married with 2 dogs.  I don't have the means to have real horses, so I have the next best thing - great danes!  

Thank you again for visiting my website.  This is something I've been wanting to do for years, and now I finally have the means (and a husband that is very skilled with website programming!).  My goal is to provide a comprehensive website for collectors of Stone horses.  If nothing else, this website is helping me to keep my own collection in perspective!  But it is so difficult to know 'everything' about Stone horses single handed, so I am hoping many of you will help me with the many details.  This site does not generate income so please ask for permission if you would like to reprint any information.