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The StoneHorseRef database contains over 32,000 Peter Stone model horses with detailed information like size, mold, color, model number, artist and a lot more information with high quality pictures.

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You can search models using advanced search system, which provides various search filters and options.

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Build a Tailored list of Models You are in Search of Using Data Directly from the Reference Website.

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Create Your Own 'Private Collection' Using Data Directly from SHR. This Includes notes that You can Maintain Yourself!

Your Own 'Horse Showing' List

Create Your Own Personal Show String List Using Data Directly From SHR and the Ability to Add Tailored Information Such as Horse Name, Breed, and Gender.

PDF and CSV Exports

You can Easily Print or Export Model Details and Your Lists in PDF and Excel Formats and Give Your Friends and Loved Ones Access to Your Lists!

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You can Add Your Own Models to 'Models for Sale' Page and Have People Contact You Directly to Purchase that Model!

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